best part of my day. god bless electricians.

We had an electrician at our house this weekend (we are amping up to do some house projects/home renovations, first things first in an old house, get more juice flowing) and he totally made my day! I was out running errands when I got a text from the Edder, that was the below picture asking if it was the memory card I had ‘lost’ from our summer vacations.


IT WAS! I was blown away and thrilled, he tried to take credit to get a reward, but then admitted that it was the electrician who found it. He had found it just laying in our driveway. I still don’t know how he spotted it in our black asphalt!

I drove home as fast I could so I could kiss that electrician on the mouth.

My joy was short lived. That poor little memory stick had been in our driveway through wind and rain and cars driving in and out over it, but I held out a small hope it would work. We jammed the memory card into the camera to see what would happen. The camera didn’t turn on. The memory card got stuck. After some clever extraction tactics, the card now looks like this.


I stand by my theory that I am one of the only human beings that things like this happen to. It’s comical really. I’m fairly certain only I could be the master of such a fantastic disaster. I’d like to think this would be a lesson learned, but lets be honest here. I am a walking, flaky, mess of a disaster. Plain and simple. C’est la vie.


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