best part of my day (and week). a few shots.

We spent a week at Beaver Lake, in a cool, comfortable, sprawling lake house with my immediate family (and our extended family down the road). There were early morning ski sessions, triple slalom sessions, naps, too many carbs, a race, an all day canoe trip, a spectacular family-run fireworks show and plenty of time with the fam. All in all… it honestly did help my summer attitude improve.

Make no mistake, despite my improved summer attitude I still came home and enjoyed a nice chilled coughahembottle of wine. OH STOP JUDGING. I shared it with Edder. He had like a 1/4 of a glass…

In more heartbreaking news, I lost my memory stick from all of our summer vacations so far. That’s what I get for taking it out of one camera to put into another. I am still really upset with myself over it. So frustrating. At least it was a vacation with 20+ other people so there are plenty of photos to pilfer. For now, a few shots of last week from my phone.

10k*started vacation by running a ridiculously hilly 10k in bentonville arkansas with my sissy. side note: northwest arkansas races have, hands down, the best swag of any races i’ve ever done. i guess if you race where wal-mart and all its vendors are based, you get good race swag!*

deck*this is where you could find me if i wasn’t out on the water, stuffing my face or running*

sunrise*sunrise on beaver lake*

 fritzsun *catching the sun before an early morning ski*

IMG_2844 *loving an early morning slalom*

kade*big man on his first fourth of july. that little face…*


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