a banner week.

BAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. That’s all I really have right now. I’m buckled down, waiting to leave town for 4th of July vacation. This is much more stressful than you’d think, but I am not getting into that right now. Or ever. It’s my family reunion, which is fun and wonderful and I love, I mean LUUUURRRRVVVVE my family… but come on. A week with any family has its set of…. challenges. AMIRIGHT? On top of that there’s just everything else going on under the surface (i.e. baby stuff…. or lack thereof) and the busy-ness that summer brings to my life… I am just…. done. Sigh.

That’s all really. I have some posts waiting, but I’m in no mood to post them. My traditional summer funk has arrived. While I try to make the very best of this warm, sunny season… It’s just not my gig. There comes a point in every summer when I have to shut up and put up, head down, and simply get through it while waiting for September to arrive. Yeah… I know. I’m not normal. But what’s new? Most people suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in the winter, but I suffer from it in the summer. No joke, kids.

In other ‘banner week’ news. So. Awhile ago I was heading out for an early morning run, I hadn’t had nearly enough coffee and I dropped my case-free phone on my driveway. Cracked. Huge shatter-like crack. MOTHER OF PEARL. It’s functional as long as it’s in a case. So there is that. But today? Today I had my phone in my sun dress pocket and it sure did find its way into the work toilet. Mmmm hmm. That happened.

Five minutes of scalding hot hand washing for me and 18 Clorox wipes later for my phone, and I think it might survive. My phone, not my hands. Well, those too. My hands are fine, if not a little dry and burnt. But the phone? Just… gross. At least it was an ’empty’ toilet. But still…. just…. no.

I am going home, blindly stuffing every summer item I own into my suitcase, then I will lay on my couch with an ice cold dirty martini while watching Mad Men all night. BlondHairDon’tCare! (as my work buddy would say)

With that I will leave you for a week. Hopefully me and my empty uterus will return to this blarrrhg with a better attitude about the rest of the summer. That or I’ll return with martini’s. For everyone!


2 thoughts on “a banner week.

  1. I always feel like shit in the summer, too. I always attributed it to hating the weather. I hope you can find some enjoyment in your trip! Maybe you’ll get to smack a family member in the face. That can be a good time.

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