best part of my day. pig dog.

Yeah, I know. I am absolutely one of those dog owners.

I am madly in love with my dog. He is adorable, happy, sweet, snugly, polite, smells delicious, is a great runner, a hard worker and smiles all of the time. Basically he is amazing.

When I saw him doing this on Saturday morning… well all I can say is Milo is truly convinced he is 89% human (that other 11% covers sniffing crotches, eating poop and peeing on stuff). Don’t tell him he’s actually a pig dog… it would break his sweet and sensitive little heart.

It will have to be our secret.

miley*ready to go get saturday morning coffee and breakfast treats. it was too hot for runners, natch*


5 thoughts on “best part of my day. pig dog.

  1. so sweet! i am one of these dog people, too. i’m surprised i don’t have a dog post yet (or several). i also think my dogs smell lovely, and i maaay be caught occasionally sniffing the bottoms of their paws. wierd? sure. but i do it anyway. and, apparently, i tell people about it.

    • yeahhhhh, i smell milo’s paws at least once a day. isn’t it the most wonderful smell?! edder and i both do it, milo clearly just humors us. no shame, dog paws smell amazing. period!

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