the big day. IUI no. 1.

The morning of the IUI finally arrived. I slept a little restlessly, all amped up and excited to do this procedure for the first time. I was also doing a lot of quiet focusing. To make sure I stayed relaxed so we didn’t have another internal ultrasound debacle on our hands, like I had earlier in the week.

We made our way to the clinic to drop off the um…. necessary items only we could deliver for the procedure…. then we went down the street to Starbucks to hang out while they got ‘things’ washed and prepped. We met my sister and baby nephew there. I held and snuggled baby Kade to get good baby vibes and get relaxed. Because nothing says ‘relaxed’ like downing a gigantic white mocha… right. It did help though. Talking to my sister, snuggling my nephew. It kept me distracted and focused on all things good and happy.

After an hour we went back to the clinic. They had suggested I keep a full bladder for the IUI. Since my ulstrasound earlier in the week proved that my uterus was very much tilted and still hanging out way to the left inside my body, a full bladder would help make things easier. I obeyed the orders and HOLY COW was I antsy to get things going just so I could go to the bathroom. Keep in mind. A gigantic mocha was in my system.

The nurse called us back and we had a chat about the challenges my anatomy might cause in my procedure. The IVF nurse was doing my procedure that day. However, she assured me one of the RE’s was there in the office, so if she couldn’t get things to work the first time she would call in the big guns. That made me feel better. As did her gentle and sweet approach. I think I got a rep around my clinic as being a bit tense, teary and nervous… not sure what would give them THAT impression…. blink… blink blink…blink. But come on, who honestly wouldn’t be feeling that way, going through this for the first time?

Moving on. We went in the room to get ready, I laid there relaxing while Edder stroked my hair (it’s the most comforting thing ever for me). The nurse came in with the IUI ‘stuff’ ready to go. She explained how it would work and then told us that Edder’s sample wasn’t the best quality it’s ever been. I won’t get into details, let’s just say she mentioned that working with what we had that day… chances weren’t great. It was still definitely worth doing the IUI though. I was grateful for her honesty.

She did her thing and it went really well. As the nurse had suspected my set up in there was a challenge but I had gotten relaxed enough to make her job easy. She checked things out and the only discomfort I had was coming from the need to go to the bathroom. We agreed I should go so that it wouldn’t be so uncomfortable. Mission accomplished. I got back to the room and within 10 minutes the procedure was done. Painlessly! Victory.

It was such a crazy feeling, the actual procedure. My uterus was going nuts, it didn’t hurt, it was just going crazy. But that is normal. It happens when so many ‘man things’ are shot straight into it. Afterward I had to lay down for 10 minutes, and for some reason the nurse suggested I not go run 10 miles later that morning. I listened. Which was good seeing how by that evening I was starting to feel like I had gotten punched in my belly. Hard. Multiple times.

My uterus kept going nuts, all twitchy and spastic for a good 24 hours. They call it cramping, but that’s not how I would describe it. It just felt like it was all…. twitchy. Like a muscle spasm. I actually didn’t sleep well that night because it felt like I was being tickled by my uterus. It was the most bizarre feeling I’d ever had. Crazy.

I woke up the next morning feeling like my entire body had been beaten to a pulp. I had read that might happen.  I once again bailed on a run with my running buddy. I felt like I had gotten a good beating to my entire lower body. I took the cues and rested the whole day. Which helped. Two days after IUI I was feeling better… annnnnnnnd that’s when the hormones began in full force. Oh yes. Good times.


One thought on “the big day. IUI no. 1.

  1. Good! Congratulations on getting through it the first time. it’s not a fun procedure and your emotions and reactions are perfectly normal. The exact same thing happened to my wife, and she didn’t have the rep for being tense. You did great. I hope it works!

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