to my amusement.

So. I am running a half marathon on Saturday. Yeah. That one I signed up for months ago, full of half-hearted ambition and zero drive to train for? Yeah. That one. My girlfriends and I (the running lea and the running sri lankan), who are running the race together got a good chortle this morning… and I mean full on snorfle… when we saw an email from the race director. We texted each other soon after we saw it. Well the Running Lea and I did, the running Sri Lankan is on top of her game and ready to run. We hang our heads in shame in her presence. We are badz at the runningz lately.

Our amusement came from the following sentence: “You have trained all winter and spring, dealing with cold, rain, hail, wind and heat. You have physically and mentally prepared yourself for this week, and now it is here.”

Um. So by train they meant mentally prepare to have our asses handed to us because we spent our winter and spring sitting on our duffs in front of a fire eating cheese and drinking wine? If so? Then yes, we trained to perfection. If they meant that we were out there running miles upon miles? Yeah… not so much.

This should be entertaining. The good news is we are doing it for fun. The Running Lea recently moved back from California and it has been a good four years since we have actually done a race side by side. The last one we did together was a trail half marathon in 2009… I think? We ran the 2010 Chicago marathon, but not together, we got separated 12 miles in. Anyway, the point is we are due for a fun race together.

A race that will mostly involve all of us giggling and chatting our way through 13.1 hilly miles with the reward of good Kansas City food and lots of shopping after the finish line. It’s the important things really. We are running a race? What’s that now?


3 thoughts on “to my amusement.

  1. HA!!!! You kid…on top of my game …now that’s funny! I fell off that step post Rocky:( You and Lea will beat my ass nicely!! I’m just looking forward to lots of eating post race….I think we’ve all trained for THAT 🙂

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