the shot not heard around the world.

Trigger shot time!!!

It finally arrived, trigger shot day. The day I entrusted the Edder to stick me with a shot full of HCG hormone! The day we RELEASE THE EGGS! Thankfully all went well. (just to clarify, this shot puts the pregnancy hormone in my body, telling my ovaries to let go of all the eggs that are ready to go).

Around 8:45p I took the shot out of the refrigerator to get it up to room temperature so it wouldn’t sting as much going in. We sat there nervously watching the clock until I decided I just needed to do something. So I took a shower, as I’d had a hard running workout over lunch, I wanted to be so fresh and so clean for our future baby bean.

the shot

We kept things calm and quiet in our house leading up to the shot. I needed to stay calm and concentrate. And as an introvert I do my best work in a quit, calm, relaxed, dimly lit environ. Check and check. I unwrapped the shot while Ed went and hunted for some alcohol wipes from our First Aid Kit. And this is where things get good.

Wouldn’t you know it, no alcohol wipes. Of course there weren’t. Edder yells this to me from the kitchen. He said he has it figured out. I am half worried, half curious to see what he comes up with. Sure enough, he comes proudly walking into the room with a vodka soaked paper towel.  Improvisation is the mother of all conception… let’s hope anyway. We couldn’t help but laugh at the level of our “class” in wiping my arm down with Vodka to sanitize it for a trigger shot. FOR OUR FUTURE HUMAN. BRILLIANT.

Future baby bean? This is how mommy and daddy roll. Also. Mommy needs her Vodka. Clearly. It is a very handy tool.

We started this off on the right foot.


Then Edder did as the nurses instructed him, he took the back fatty part of my arm and pinched it up (i knew there was a reason i was letting my triceps get some flab on them… nothing to do with age… hmmm mmm, nope, it was for this shot). He said “okay, on three.” Then he started counting. “Onnnnnnnneeeeeee.” And BOOM the needle goes jamming into my fat arm. AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Dude is smart, that Edder. He said he approached it like skydiving. They tell you to jump out of the plane on three but then they shove you out at the count of one. SMART. That was that. Shot was in. I was hormoned UP!

All I can say is this. That baby of ours, whenever it comes along, is going to have its hands full with its parents.



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