my (NOT A) mother’s day present.

Here’s the thing. I had a horrible day last Friday. You name it, it went wrong. I was frustrated, edgy, wanted to stab some people in the eyeballs, wanted to cry… you get the picture (yeah… helllooooooo hormones, i know). At some point on Friday I was all… well shiz. Mother’s Day is Sunday. I wonder if this day will be hard, or just another day? It’s sometimes hard to tell what my emotions might do on any given occasion these days. I started thinking about it and realized… it was going to be hard this year. Really hard.

As I was driving along in frustrated tears I decided… screw it. I am calling around to find a place that can get me in for a ‘spa evening’ tonight. Forget the run I have on tap after work. I need a really good massage. Thankfully one of the better spa’s in town had openings. Thank you sweet baby Jesus in a little golden diaper. Sweet relief!

I take care of my body in the way I eat and exercise, but I don’t allow space for taking care of my body in any other ways. As I’ve been working with my new therapist (who is an amazing, strong woman that i now greatly respect) she’s been stressing the importance of how all three facets of physical, mental and spiritual work together in our life. We have to address all three.

I work so hard sometimes on my mental and spiritual sides, but I tend to think I take care of my body simply because I workout (cue LMFAO song!!). And while yes, it keeps my body in good shape… it is also something that ends up beating up my muscles. Every hard workout I do. I beat my body to a pulp quite a bit (because i LOVE working out so hard). But aside from yoga (which i haven’t done in a good month now) I don’t allow my body to recuperate and relax. I need to take better care of my body in that sense. Sometimes my body needs some gentleness, not just that constant barrage of beatings it has to take during my daily workouts.

Hence. A gift to myself. Since I’m not a mom and was facing a weekend of being bombarded by mother’s day… And for everything I’ve put my body  through the past 12 weeks. I needed a break. I needed to be really good to my body for a change. I needed to rest and relax! And for me, a good solid massage, manicure/pedicure is something that seriously sets my whole being back to good. Ever since Friday I’ve been in better spirits and even feeling better physically. I just needed to give myself a break! From  everything.

So all you women out there trying to grow your families, but are on the same long frustrating road, do something for yourself. Seriously. You need it. We need it. We put our body and emotions through hell! On a regular basis. Almost constantly. It’s okay, despite all the money we are spending to try and have babies, to spend money on something for ourselves that will rejuvenate and refresh us. I promise. It is so worth it, so necessary… we need to keep ourselves as healthy as possible! In every sense. So do it. RIGHT NOW! Go do something for yourself, whatever that might be (that doesn’t involve working out)!

Us NOT mother’s (yet, but are desperately trying) need some care too…

ps – i typically get a card and little gift from my dog and cats for mother’s day (via their papa). this year i didn’t. poor, sweet edder said he didn’t know what to do. he didn’t want to make the day harder by pointing out i’m only a doggie/kitty mommy and not one to a small human. bless his soul. seeing how he let me get a spa evening on a whim? in fact encouraged it? pretty sure that means he won this mother’s day. hands down.


3 thoughts on “my (NOT A) mother’s day present.

  1. I’m glad you took some time and did something for you. And I’m sending positive thoughts and prayers your way that this journey soon comes to a (very happy) end.

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