050613 / run notes.

Good news, I am feeling excited and confident in my running lately. I had a great week of running last week, maybe it’s the sun, or feeling calmer inside than I have in months, but I am loving my running right now.

I am also taking advantage of a healthy body that can work out as hard as it wants. As in, it’s my own for awhile longer and I will enjoy it. By running and working out HARD. If there is one thing I love and can appreciate, it’s a good hard workout. So I am taking all the advantages of having my body to myself a little longer and enjoying them to the fullest.

Week of 05/06/13:
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Aerobics Class in the form of Body Blitz/Track Night: 3 miles of sprints and ladders. Ouch.
Wednesday – 4 Miles
Thursday – 4 Miles
Friday – My day of indulgence as my (i’m not a) mother’s day gift. It was glorious. And didn’t involve a workout.
Saturday – 3 Miles with my best running buddy of all time, Miley Bear


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