best part of my day. synchronized‎.


I guess this is what happens when you run with the same running buddy for seven years.

The feet. The hands. Our left thumbs. We are masters of synchronized running.

It’s a thing. It’s new. We made it up. And we excel at it.

ps – it’s obvious to me (likely no one else) how much synthetic hormones are puffing me up, i’ve gained weight i can’t get rid of. no matter how much i work out, or what i eat, the extra and new weight will not go away. more on that another day, ohhhh the rigors of being an infertile…


One thought on “best part of my day. synchronized‎.

  1. I want a running buddy like this! I run with my thoughts and my dogs, and one of them (the dogs.. one of the dogs) is getting a little resistant as he gets older (not that much older, just lazier). So, I feel like I’m doing the opposite of synchronized running.

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