42913 / run notes.

Oh geez. I’ve been writing, just not on my blog. I miss my blog. I am going to pay attention to my blog. I also want to note the workouts I’ve been doing. It’s been a roller coaster trying to get my workouts buttoned down this year. My body doesn’t always cooperate, but I think I may finally have a system figured out. That being when my body screams at me to chill the ____ out (CTFO as we like to say around our house). I will simply accept it and CTFO.

Thankfully my body has been mostly cooperative the past week or so. Which is good since I have a half marathon in a month. That I keep putting on the back burner and forgetting to train for. Clearly I’m a model runner. Honestly this year is a year of running to stay in shape, not running to get faster or to race. So really any races I have on tap (my half marathon next month, and then one in september and another in october) are just to keep me motivated to run and stay in shape.

The only thing I am currently frustrated at is my inability to get to yoga lately. As running moves to the forefront, yoga has to take a back seat. But I miss yoga. Like I miss my blog. Sad. Hopefully I can start squeezing in some more yoga, it’s just that honestly after work going home sounds so much more appealing than going to yoga. Although now that I’m done teaching for the semester, that will help free up yoga time.

I am a rambling mess. Workouts. Yes. From the past few weeks.

Week of 4/22:
Monday – muscle pump
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – nothin’, aside from eating that entire jar of pickles
Thursday – 4 miles
Friday – nothin’, aside from eating that entire bag of pirate’s booty
Saturday – 4 mile walk along the river w/ milo
Sunday – 6 miles

Week of 4/29:
Monday – i’ve got nothing here except that i taught my last class for the semester after a mind numbing day at work!
Tuesday – aerobics class in the form of body blitz
Wednesday – 4 miles
Thursday – 5 miles
Friday – tabata class
Saturday – i slept. a lot.
Sunday – 8 miles

And that’s that. Happy running!


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