040113 / run notes.

First off I need to give a big fat shout out to the Wichita State Shockers for making the nation ‘Fear the Wheat’. And for showing they are legit, not some fluke team. So proud to be a Shocker, those boys and our coach are pure class when it comes to conducting themselves in the world of Basketball. Well done.

Moving on. It finally feels like I am back to my old self after months of being sick/surgery recovery. During the last two weeks I really started getting after it again and pushing myself in workouts. I have returned to running speedwork and am going full force in my aerobical classes. It feels good. Aside from the nearly constant muscle soreness of course.

Since I’ve been slacking on my bloarggings lately, I’m posting my last two weeks of workouts. Exciting, no? Mmmmm. no not really. I should mention I am now training for a half marathon in June, the Hospital Hill Half in Kansas City. It’s good to have a non-baby related, physical goal right now. So I plan to keep a few races on my horizon.

033513 Workouts:
– 6 Mile Run
Tuesday – Rocked it out at aerobics class, boooyahhh!
Wednesday – Rest (running around crazy getting ready for family and a baby shower)
Thursday – Speedwork (i barely made it through, i am SOOO out of speed shape) 5 miles w/ 2×1 mile repeats @ 7:35
Friday – Ate donuts with Avery. One sprinkle at a time.
Saturday – Stuffed my face with food at my sister’s baby shower that I hosted, workout whaaaaaa?
Sunday – I slept

How I felt (and looked) after my speedwork, clearly I have work to do…. Also, my hair = a good time.


040113 Workouts:
– 7 Mile run (making up for missing the weekend run)
Tuesday – dr. appointment and life made for a zero workout kind of day
Wednesday – Hot Yoga
Thursday – 5 Mile Tempo Run–wherein I was once again reminded I’m out of speed shape–w/ 3 miles @ 8 minute pace. Barely. It got windy halfway through the run, I totally used it as an excuse to be a wimp.
Friday – Tabata and Hot Yoga
Saturday – I was too sore to run, instead we had coffee with Kade (and my sister). Please note Kade is 5 weeks old, Uncle Edder introduced him to Mocha’s that morning. Train ’em early!
Sunday – Still sore and needed a day to get stuff done. Highly productive, but no workout.

That’s all I’ve got.


6 thoughts on “040113 / run notes.

  1. Oh man, I so want to run the Hospital Hill race…someday. I think that will be a great accomplishment for you. There’s a group that does speed workouts at Friends on Wednesday (?) nights. Have you ever gone? I’m too slow and too intimidated.

    • it is a really fun race. last year was my first year doing it. and for now, yeah i think THE BEST thing i can do is focus on a race and continue my workouts. it helps my sanity right now. a LOT.

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