black and yellow.

As a Wichita State University alum and now instructor I always have a crazy amount of Shocker pride. But right now my Shocker pride is a little brighter yellow than normal. Think blinding yellow! So proud of my school for working hard and making it into the Sweet Sixteen this year!

There is something special about the Shockers. They are just plain lovable. And we have an awesome mascot to boot. It’s impossible not to want them to win their basketball games. We have the happiest school colors imaginable, yellow and black. Our players seem sweet and humble. I love that there doesn’t seem to be animosity in this state toward our Shocks.

So today I’m sporting my black and yellow pride while listening to Wiz Kalifa’s ‘black and yellow’ on a non-stop rotation until 9p tonight. My two-year-old niece is staying the night with us tonight, letting her parents go hang out with their Wichita friends they only see a few times a year (they live in LA). I’m hoping, as much as I love my niece, she goes to sleep early and sleeps well! We have a game to watch tonight!

Go get ’em tonight boys, so proud to be a Shocker!


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