that time i had my balloon taken away. sadly, there were no clowns.

But clowns are terrifying anyway so I’m good with that. Really. Who likes a clown? Shiver.

Another post written awhile ago. I’m doing my best with everything I have going on right now. Again, this is for me to document and remember my journey of infertility. So either read away or ignore and continue on with your day. Since this post is for me and me alone, I have no shame in posting it a month after the fact.


Please note, when I googled obsessively about uterine balloons after the catheter tubes fell out of my body? I found nothing that reassured me it was going to be okay. Mostly what I found was hysterical women on message boards who hadn’t actually ever had this procedure done telling the women who had a uterine balloon tube concern to get to the hospital right away because they were surely going to die and EVERYTHING WAS WRONG!!!

Not true. And really I am posting this so that if another woman out there has this happen and isn’t sure it’s okay and is frantically googling it… well… maybe this can offer her some comfort. If your uterine balloon tubes pop out of your vagina? IT IS OKAY. It actually feels better than having them in there. Trust me. I tried just “shoving them back in” (my doctors words, not mine, not even kidding… sigh… he is a man, but i still think he’s the best RE in the world). To make it short? NOT COOL. Just let the thin cord part come out a bit, wrap the end (the hard tubes/catheter) up in gauze and tape it to your belly. Use gauze because there will be discharge. Leakage is NOT attractive. Especially at work :/ I changed pants a lot.

Since then I have had my uterine balloon removed, in the middle of a snowstorm no less (nothing was going to keep me from getting that thing removed) and we have an official plan of action. I was a bit worried the night before my balloon was supposed to be removed, we were set to get a foot of snow and I was praying the clinic wouldn’t close… since almost everything else in town was shutting down. Thursday morning, while Edder worked to un-bury our cars from 14″ of snow (and counting) I called the clinic to make sure they were there. They were. And assured me my balloon would get removed. I was incredibly relieved.

We headed out for the clinic, it was a messy drive but not bad. Once there, the nurse got me back to a room right away and within five minutes she had removed Otis. A week of misery and trauma and pain… gone in an instant. Sweet relief. After she was done getting him out I just laid there in a ridiculous amount of relief. I felt like a new woman, and felt like my body could finally heal up. Which it did. We went back home since our offices were closed and I ended up sleeping most of the day. My body needed it. I focused on resting the best I could, learned my lesson about returning to work-outs too soon and as of now I’m feeling great.


I’m now five weeks post-op and four weeks post Otis (uterine balloon). I feel back to normal, I even started running again last week and have a race I’m training for in June. My hormones are still keeping my running at a pace I am quite surprised with and enjoying. I like it! I feel like my body is fully healed. I’m feeling healthy.

Last thing and then I’m off to squeeze in a lunch run: Our plan going forward is to do the “full-on” IUI treatment. That includes clomid, trigger shots, mid-cycle ultrasounds and eventually the IUI itself. I’m planning on keeping the timing of everything pretty quiet, maybe I’ll explain why, maybe not. For now, I just want to keep the timing private… despite the fact I’ll blather on about my uterus and vagina to no end…

Just know that things are moving along, although at a different pace than what we expected for the timeline that had been laid out. Things rarely go according to plan in my world! Maybe someday I’ll join the ranks of other women who make plans and it all turns out accordingly. It just won’t be this week. Or month. Or likely year. Oh well. BUT, it is A-OK. We aren’t worried, we are going with the flow and absolutely 100% enjoying this process. Maybe I’ll explain that sometime too. Because we are choosing to enjoy this process instead of stressing out and worrying over it. It’s an adventure, remember?!

Happy Monday!


5 thoughts on “that time i had my balloon taken away. sadly, there were no clowns.

  1. Well, I like reading your updates, even if it’s a month after the fact. If you’re up for it, you should come out and do the Easter Sun Run on Saturday morning in Sedg.Co Park. It’s put on by Youth Horizons (a youth mentoring program and my former place of employment) and benefits fatherless kids in the community. It’s a really fun race AND there’s a free lunch afterward!

      • oh and that’s so awesome you work for youth horizons, i know it’s a great organization. a guy i work with (i work at clear channel radio) just started mentoring for YH. in the end, this town can be so small, i wouldn’t be surprised if at some point we have crossed paths.

    • ohhh, thank you! i’m glad someone out there can handle all my uterus talk. haha.

      i LOVE the easter sun run, i did it last year, and have done it a few years before. sadly this year i won’t be able to make it, i am throwing a “BaByQ” for my oldest sister and her husband (who’s baby just arrived three weeks ago) since so much of our family will be in town that day.

      there may be another reason i can’t run it but i’m keeping my lips sealed 😉 lets just say dr. g and i will be TIGHT the next week or so. big smile!

      i am hoping to run it next year! keeping my fingers crossed i’ll have a snuggly little baby waiting at the finish line for me too! 🙂

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