best part of my day. yummy babies.

You know what’s awesome? Being an aunt. You know what’s even more awesome? Being an aunt to a precious new baby boy, and knowing there is another sweet baby boy on his way in a few months. Yes, yes. My sisters are both being blessed with baby boys this year. And it is delicious.

My oldest sister and her husband welcomed baby Kade on March 4. He is a pure chubby, delicious, delight. He was born out of state and they are currently in Arkansas finalizing all the details of his adoption, but they are heading home tomorrow. I cannot wait to meet him and kiss his little feets and snuggle him for hours on end. I haven’t met him yet, but all the pictures and videos and FaceTime sessions have me head over heels in love with that boy. You better believe I will be leaving work promptly at 5p to go and meet him.


*meet kade at three days old. don’t you want to eat those little feets up? also, he’s already giving fist bumps like a champ*


*big man! i’m sorry, but he is the cutest. he just is. the tinsyness, the snuggle factor. LOVE.*


*practicing his grip on the water ski handle already, with help from his great aunt*


*just….. yummy perfection, this kid. i’m so proud of him already.*


* a big smile for his big finalization day today! his face is so perfect, i can’t handle it*

My other sister, next oldest, is pregnant with her second small human, an already tall and gangly baby boy! Due August 30. How much fun will these two boys have growing up together as cousins? I sense a lot of mischief in their future. Aves is already proving an attentive and sweet older cousin, she is going to make such a fantastic big sister too.

Growing up my siblings and I were always close, and still are close, to our cousins. It was so much fun. Edder and I are hoping to add to our niece and nephews’ cousin fun very soon! Aves needs a baby girl on her side to help counteract all these boys! I’ll do my best to help her out. It makes me so happy, and I know I’m fortunate, that I’m so close to my sisters and that our babies will have the chance to grow up together.

Life is so incredibly good.


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