030413 / run notes. my abdomen might fall off.

I’m using the term ‘run’ very loosely here. I’ve run very little so far this year. Between having two different versions of the flu and then the whole surgery thing… well, running has been a low priority. The good news is it has been among all my running buddies too. Sorry excuses of runners…. OR just happy in our current state of life and enjoying mixing things up! I’m just happy I’m not left behind on all the running fun with my buddies!

To get to the point here, last week I got back into the swing of things in regard to working out. It felt really good to be back at it, yet at the same time every workout could find me being overly sensitive to each and every twinge or feeling in my lower abdomen. I did really take things slowly and tried as hard as I could not to push myself. At least until my next post-op visit.

I’m guessing that I probably should have held back even more considering I started back into full on intensity workouts exactly two hours after going to my last post-op visit on Tuesday. Yeeeeaaahhhhhhh…. now I have a puffy red incision that scared me to the point of becoming THAT patient at my fertility clinic today. Shoving my puffy red scar at the nurse asking in terror if my abdomen was going to fall off! Sigh. Bless the nurse who deals with me on a regular basis.

Side note: antibacterial cream and a band-aid was the nurse’s solution to my puffy incision. Cause? Irritation from my clothes… I win this day, without a doubt. Such an incredibly good time, this girl, right here.

I’m taking it much easier this week. Until my incision puffies go away I’m going to lay low. Better safe than sorry, plus I am terrified of having an ugly scar. I have enough scars as it is, I don’t need them to be hideous to boot!

030413 Workouts:
Monday – Muscle Pump / Elliptical
Tuesday – Body Blitz
Wednesday – 3 Miles (i’m thinking the hormones i’m on now are making me run faster than my normal pace, i’m going to enjoy that while i can!)
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Tabata Class / Hot Yoga
Saturday – Body Blitz / Abs Class
Sunday – Rest (as in sleep 11 hours straight and do nothing all day while worrying over my puffy incision)


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