best part of my day. snow day!

Trying to break up the overwhelming amount of posting I’ve been doing on my uterus here.

The Blizzard of Oz 2013 hit us last Wednesday/Thursday. We got a glorious 14″ of snow. I worked most of the day Wednesday but Thursday it was deemed too dangerous for me to drive alone (by the Edder) considering my condition. Although we did get out that morning, more on that in my next surgery post though.

Everyone in the Robinson household LOVES snow. I mean all of us. The cats Fred and Frank, Milo, The Edder and I… LOVE the snow. So for us a snow day with 14″ of the white stuff meant it was time to get outside for awhile. Again considering my condition I couldn’t do much to help in the way of shoveling and clearing snow from our driveway and sidewalk. But I COULD take Miley-Pig for a fun little walk. Which I did. It wasn’t a long walk, but it was slow and snow filled and beyond fantastic! We were both in heaven. He got to run wild, leash free, all through the snow. I’ve rarely seen him happier.

Here is our fun in pictures!


*blissed out, catching snowflakes on his tongue*


*my wellies get a lot of flak, until it SNOWS! ha. SUCK IT. better than snow boots. standing shin deep in snow–this is me standing on the street, yeah it was that deep in the street–and my feet were dry as can be.*


*happiest, fluffiest pig-dog on earth!*


*the edder working hard, and terrorizing me with shovel-fulls of snow. he did it because he knew i’d just laugh… and because i couldn’t do anything to get him back (i didn’t mind a bit)!*


*i love my dog so much, he is always ready for adventure, i can just hear him thinking… ugghhh MAMA, COME ONNNNNN, this is so awesome lets go run through the snow it’s gonna be the best thing ever. totally what he was thinking*

Just in time for my birthday? Blizzard of Oz Round Deux! If there is one thing I’ve always wanted on my birthday, it’s a blizzard. And I’m finally getting it. I’ve waited thirty-four years to see a blizzard on my birthday, that I can remember. Because I was apparently born during one? But I don’t remember that day… maybe that’s why I love the snow so much. I’m very excited to spend my birthday tomorrow gazing out at and taking walks with my little family through 12 MORE inches of snow. Happy girl.


One thought on “best part of my day. snow day!

  1. Happy belated birthday! And now, today, it’s supposed to get up to 60 degrees. We loved the snow, too, though I didn’t really play in it. And my cats are not fans. They are so thankful to see grass again.

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