that time i had surgery, then decided to re-roof my house. part 1.

The post the whole wide world has been waiting for. The one all about my surgery and recovery. The one with PICTURES. Of my insides. SUPER HAPPY UTERUS PICTURE FUN TIME! Or maybe not. Maybe just a pre and post op picture of me.
Although I do have some really cool pictures, if you really wanna see I’ll share.

*pre-op fun, i’d like to think i was rocking that hospital gown like nobody’s bidness. there are about four blankets over me, i was shivering from the IV drip*

Like I mentioned, the Valentines day surgery to remove my endometrial cyst, fix my heart shaped uterus and clean out any endometroisis was a success. I’d like to think I gave Valentines day the gift of my heart shaped ute. Awwww. So sweet. The Dr. was surprised at how little endo I had. He was also impressed to see that my fallopian tubes are completely clear and open. This was one thing weighing hard on the Edder and I. Open fallopian tubes are a big deal. It would determine what course of treatment we would need. The worst part of it all was the septum, and now the uterine balloon i’m sporting thanks to said cut septum. The balloon will allow my uterus to heal properly. The fun part of that are the tubes (that i didn’t know about until saturday morning) that are attached to said balloon.

After an hour and half of surgery, I woke up groggy, confused and looking at a blurry Edder. He came over and was telling me all the good news. I just smiled through the raging pain I felt in my pelvic area. I was so happy. My heart was bursting with joy. My parents came in to see me and I just kept telling them we were going to get a baby. We can have a baby…. in between whining in a confused state about my pain. I didn’t understand why I hurt so much. Those drugs were a good time. I also apparently asked for Milo and made everyone give me forehead kisses and hold my hands. I’m a good time that way.

Far before I felt ready, the nurses had me up, forcing Edder to get me dressed and pretty much dragging me to the bathroom. Where I had to hold onto everything in sight just so I wouldn’t fall. I felt like I’d just had the hardest leg workout of my life! The nurse was all “well you were in stirrups for an hour and a half.” Right. My legs still shake if I walk too far… so much for those aerobics classes. I was wheeled out to our waiting car and remember exactly nothing of the car ride home. I got home, crawled in bed and wanted to cry from the pain. I was cramping pretty badly. My mama watched over me while the Edder went and picked up all of my 8,000 shiny new RX’s and my dad went to get everyone lunch and Starbucks.

postop*this pic was taken mostly for my sister who doesn’t live here. we included a pic of my surgery shots, there’s some ovary, ute and fallopian action in there. i decided to spare you seeing it, instead a big fat pink heart!
you’re welcome. also. surgery made me puffy!*

Then I hit some bizarre drugged out state where I thought I was on top of the world, and fine, and didn’t need to sleep, or rest, but needed to talk and text and laugh and have an iced latte from Starbucks. Yeah. That ended with me sleeping hard for about 12 hours straight. I tend to think I’m better far before I’m better.

Here’s the part where I venture into “re-roofing-the-house-land.” Friday afternoon Edder had to run to his office to pick some things up so he could do some more work from home. I was feeling pretty decent at that moment. Lortab and sleep can have that effect on a girl. He was gone exactly one hour. In that one hour I got up, did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, picked up the living room, picked up all the mess on my nightstand and hospital gear in my bedroom then made and ate a snack.

Edder got home and I was in trouble. I knew it too. I knew he’d notice and I knew I’d get in trouble for it. But I have a really hard time sitting back and not taking care of my house. He made me lay down and banned me from getting up. Around this time my family came by to say hello, and my dad made me laugh really, really hard, which hurt. A lot. He got in trouble for that one. In addition to that, all the gas pains from my stomach being blown up with gasses started to hit. After my family left, in an attempt to make things… um…. better… I got into a form of ‘child’s pose’ on my bed. Annnnnnd that’s where it all went downhill. Friday night and most of the day Saturday were pure misery. Buuuuuut…… more later.

I’m going to justify this ridiculously long post really fast. I’m writing this for me. To remember. But I can also have the attention span of a lemur so I’m going to break this up. Part 2, more on how it all went bad, how I flipped the freak out and how Edder kept me from painting the entire house, later.


3 thoughts on “that time i had surgery, then decided to re-roof my house. part 1.

  1. Hey – I just saw your comment on my blog about who my OB is. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to find people’s email addresses from their blog info. And I don’t mind putting it out there anyway. I am seeing Dr. Feuille and really like him. Since we had a loss this summer, he’s been so accomodating, seeing us more often than needed and letting me come in ANY time to hear the heartbeats. (And, I just learned that those visits are not costing me anything extra).

    • thanks for sharing! i have heard such great things about both dr. feuille and douthit. it seems a lot of women who had IF problems have seen feuille. when the time comes i will definitely try to get into him. thanks again!

  2. Also, he works very closely with CFRM and sees Dr. G and Dr. T each week from what I understand. I really liked that there’s a link between the two. And he understands transitioning from seeing an RE to an OB because of it.

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