pills are goooooood.

Since I’ve now graduated from the lortab I am just going to offer a quick update. My self-imposed social media ban is over. But blogging from my iPad is HARD y’all! So this will be quick. First world problems.

I am snuggled up on my couch at home, watching Project Runway while drinking a caramel macchiato that my mama brought me this morning. She came to help me get up and around and take care of my uterine balloon tubes (yes it’s a real thing and i now have them, fun times) so the Edder could go back to work.

Keeping this to the point. My surgery went well, although recovery has been much more challenging than I anticipated. Dr. Grainger, my reproductive endocrinologist, was surprised at how good my insides looked. He removed my endometrial cyst and the little bit of endometriosis I had. He was expecting quite a bit more endo than what I had. This is fantastic news. The best news being that my Fallopian tubes are clear and open, something else we weren’t expecting.

Basically my insides defied all odds for what he expected to find. I told him I’m an overachiever! The biggest issue was my uterine septum… i.e. my heart shaped uterus. He removed the septum and in its place is a uterine balloon that will allow everything to heal up sans scar tissue.

To keep it brief. This uterine balloon has caused a fair amount of trauma and distress. That is an understatement. And pain. It has caused a lot of pain. Friday and Saturday proved almost too much for my tolerance of pain and emotional distress. All is well now. Not comfortable but well.

The bottom line is this. Prospects for having a baby now? Pretty darn excellent. Time to heal up and move to phase two! TBR! More later, because who doesn’t want pictures and more details about my reproductive system?!

p.s. the edder is an amazing soul. i couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime for this adventure. dude is seriously just incredible, i am a really fortunate girl. i can’t sum it up in words well enough. he is my rock, there is no way could i get through this without him.


7 thoughts on “pills are goooooood.

  1. Thank you! You know I was terrified to start blogging about all this stuff but man I’m glad I did. Not that I’m glad others are infertile, but its good not to feel alone. And not gonna lie… I’m a tiny bit bummed my ute isn’t a heart shape any more! But the new and improved shape will be much better!

  2. Have been waiting for an update on you! Glad to hear things went well with a positive look to the future. I wish you the best!!! Husband and I have started IVF program (both IUI unsuccessful) and are on day two of injections. Not fun but hopefully worth it all. Egg retrieval, if all goes well, a bit over a week away. Still unexplained reasons why we couldn’t get pregnant, except a possible marginally low (i’m on the border) of low ovarian reserve. Wishing us both luck:) Stay rested and keep a smile on.

  3. Wow. I’m sorry the recovery has been so hard, but likewise glad the surgery was successful and more encouraging than expected. I’m curious what they’re recommending as your next step, whenever you’re up for sharing. IVF? Or does Dr. Grainger think you have a shot at conceiving in a less expensive/invasive way? Thinking of you as you continue to recover!

    • it’s the uterine balloon/tubes that caused the biggest issues. and YES, i plan to share the ‘plan’ and everything. if there’s one thing i’m good at, it’s oversharing 🙂 to sum, for now, dr. g said we could try naturally (with clomid), but i think we are going to go ahead and opt for IUI. IVF isn’t needed at this point since both my tubes are clear and good. we are beyond thrilled, but realize we are gonna have to go with the flow.

      for now, i’m taking progesterone to help my ute heal up and get me on the cycle dr. g wants me on, and then i start estridol this weekend. time for the crazy hormones party! 🙂

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