how cuterus is my uterus. let the adventure begin.

It’s time to start the next adventure. I’m having surgery this week. There is a complete peace and calm surrounding me for this surgery. I almost feel blissed out today (did someone give me lortab already and i didn’t know it?!). Valentines Day will mark the beginning of our ‘get a baby in my belly’ journey. How awesome is that? I’ll tell you how awesome. GOLD STAR AWESOME.

I’m approaching this next phase with a sense of excitement, we are choosing to face it as an adventure, not a struggle. I refuse to say any longer “i’m struggling to get pregnant.” Maybe I am. But I want to look at it more as an adventure and a journey. And I can make this adventure as joyful and fun, or as miserable as I choose. I choose joy. And fun. I’ve spent enough time mourning my infertility. It’s time to move forward.

This is a journey for Ed and I. This is the path we are meant to walk, together. This is our life, our story… it doesn’t go like anyone elses (thank goodness). Ours is special to us. So why not enjoy it? Make the best of it? Every bit of it. The good the bad and the ugly?

And you know what? I’m honestly happy that getting pregnant didn’t happen in the blink of an eye for us. While every pregnancy is fun and special… there’s something about working SO hard to get something you want so bad. What we are doing is different… it makes it special in a different way.

This isn’t coming easy, so when it happens there will be so much rejoicing and insane happiness, not just for Ed and I, but for everyone who’s walking this road with us. Our friends and family. I’m glad I get to take the road less traveled. The one that has secrets, adventure and mystery ahead…

So Thursday morning I’ll go into the surgical center with a smile on my face, Edder and my parents by my side, my sisters there in spirit (and by phone) and more friends than I can count rooting for me as we get this party started.

This is special. Our journey to have a baby. It’s not average. Or typical. And if there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I don’t like to be average, or typical. Why should my journey to bring what will be an amazing kid into the world be average or typical too?

In the meantime, I have a project to work on. So. This weekend I was watching Parks and Recreation and at the end, there was a clip that killed me. I died. Dead. It totally made my day. I am now inspired to create a color coded binder with my cartoon uterus on the front!  Oh… it will happen. Don’t you worry. Aside from disliking being average or typical, I like myself some organization.



Answer? Nothing. Especially since mine is shaped like a heart. <3.

Let’s do this! Team Baby Robinson!


4 thoughts on “how cuterus is my uterus. let the adventure begin.

  1. Good luck at the surgery! I had to have a double vericocele removal to “fix” our infertility, and remember that moment fondly. It got my counts up high enough for us to qualify for IVF a year later. So this is the beginning of the corrections for you guys, and you will come out of it stronger in the long run. xx

  2. Thinking of you today and hoping all goes well. Love your perspective! And in some ways I think it’s a priviledge to walk through infertility. You really do have an understanding of the miracle of creating life that often escapes those it comes easily to.

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