updates. runnings, babies and what nots.

Since my blogging has been basically non-existent lately I want to update the world (all four of you who read this) with the goings on-ings.

First off, I had mentioned doing a one-chick marathon. Well…. thanks to the fact that I had a pretty great marathon in November I decided to nix my one-chick marathon. I just wasn’t into it. The thought of running 26.2 miles on an empty route just sounded…. boring… honestly. Plus, seeing how I’ve been sick so much lately, it likely would not have happened anyway. So it’s a win-win.

Instead I’ve been working hard in various classes at the Y. While I like to call them my aerobics classes to which I wear my mauve leotard, teal leggings and sparkly puffy headband; the truth is they are muscle pump and tabata classes. I’m also keeping up with yoga, and then cardio with the elliptical, bike and swimming. I like variety, can you tell? The good news is that I’m seeing results that I never saw when I was just running and doing yoga.

But then I laugh at myself thinking I’m doing all this work and yet hoping SO HARD that I will be pregnant soon… which will totally negate all of my said hard work (at least in regards to my abs which are coming along quite nicely). But I’m okay with that. I just plain love to workout, to sweat, to push myself hard and use my body. I just LOVE it. If I get pregnant that baby will have to get used to loud booty shakin’ music in my aerobics classes!

Speaking of getting all fat and happy with a baby in my belly… the appointment in December with our Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) went beautifully. Edder is as healthy as can be, no problems there, no treatment for him. My hormones are all really good, which I was concerned about. Good news all around, our doctor offered us a lot of hope. Edder pointed out that our RE is part doctor, part counselor. It is so true. We are blessed to have this RE.

Edder and I left that appointment with happy tears in our eyes and encouraged hearts. We are clearly not just another paycheck to this doctor. He is so empathetic and caring, completely opposite of what I had braced myself for based on the many RE horror stories I’ve heard and read about. We leave his clinic feeling like this man really wants to help us grow our family, he genuinely cares about us.

As for the surgery to fix all my internal girly issues, it has been tentatively scheduled for mid-February. My pre-op visit next week will give us the definite date. We also have a post-surgery ‘plan’. But I hesitate to use the word ‘plan’ until the surgery is complete and we know what we are up (or not up) against.

The Edder and I are both keeping an open mind about what might happen, it’s going to be an adventure. That is how we are choosing to face this now. Adventures are fun! I’ve never regretted going on an adventure. Ever. I love a good adventure. Adventures are my favorite, so I’m hoping this will be a really good one!

Until another appointment with the RE, there is nothing more to report. Well, except that my cyst (affectionately named herman) is growing at a healthy rate and I am ready to be rid of it! I can actually see the spot where Herman hangs out! I always blamed it on bloating… on just the one side of my belly… now I know it’s just Herman…. being all pissy up in there. RUDE. We’ll show him!


2 thoughts on “updates. runnings, babies and what nots.

    • your comments always make me laugh. thanks for that! and thanks for the support. seriously, it’s so helpful knowing others out there have gone through this, and now have babies!! yayaya!!

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