my 2013.

Happy New year! I am excited for this year, so far so good, despite starting it sick.

I will not bore you with a recap of all of my holiday festivities. Let me sum it up for you. Santa brought me the flu on Christmas Eve, I was sick for nine days. End of story. I still saw family (a little) but mostly gorged on Netflix when I wasn’t asleep or being besties with my bathroom. It was a quiet, peaceful, gentle (once the worst of the flu had passed) way to enter the new year. Which was nice, actually.

Random note: I love the Walking Dead. Seriously, a fantastic series. Mesmerizing. And now I’m addicted to Revenge. I blame the flu.

Moving on. I will also not bore you with goals and aspirations of the past (2012) and how they were or weren’t met. Or with goals and resolutions (i don’t believe in resolutions in the new year) for 2013.

Here is what I know. Any year has the prospect to start fresh and new. I wish it held the ability to wash away the icks from the previous year. Ahhhh, if life were only that clean and simple. That a new year wiped away the old year. Man I love clean and simple…. clean and simple are my favorite. However, I am starting 2013 with some highlights and damage from 2012, just like anyone else. I am working with what my mama gave me, so to speak. Even still, it’s a fresh year, with fresh hopes.

Therefore, I am starting 2013 with the hope to be gentle and kind to myself. I’ve spent too many years beating myself up over not meeting my arbitrary goals and expectations. I am done with that. So for 2013 I am keeping it easy. I have three hopes for my year.

My 2013 Hopes:
– The Edder and I grow our family
– That I grow my new Etsy venture
– I give back in a truly meaningful, impactful way to those around me

That’s it. Clean and simple. Cheers to 2013.


3 thoughts on “my 2013.

  1. I am back to blogging 🙂 Luckily, I still had your old blog address so I knew where you moved 🙂 Glad you are feeling better. The flu sucks!

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