best part of my day. trails.

A few weeks ago the Edder and I spent some time in Kansas City. While there I got to go trail running with this girl. She is a pro at trail running. You know, she regularly goes for 30 and 40 mile ‘jaunts’ on these trails. So she let me tag along one morning and broke me in.

These weren’t your mama’s trails, people! They were full of tree roots, lots of rocks, tight turns, switchbacks… and of course tons of pretty stuff to look at. Not that I looked. I was busy trying not to fall.


As a first timer I spent our entire 5.7 miles staring at the ground, concentrating really hard. I didn’t fall, but there were a few trips and slips. Oh and don’t you worry, I made my road running buddies proud by keeping with my theme of pee’ing where I want out in nature on the run, at least I had tons of trees this time. You’re welcome for that nugget of information!

Toward the end of our run, when I was hitting my limit of THAT MUCH CONCENTRATION (it’s not a big capacity that i have), I started stubbing my toes over and over. Indi informed me that’s normal and that it was an indication it was time to hop off the trails and go fill our bellies with delicious foodings and coffees. Which we did.

So my REAL trail cherry has been popped (i’ve done plenty of trail runs on horse trails). I am now itching to do a trail race, maybe even an “ultra” and by that I mean just a 50K. All while tagging along behind Indi, asking her if it’s time yet for more jelly beans and snacks. She will LOVE it.

But first things first. Surgeries, babies… the trails aren’t going anywhere. Just a thought and goal for the future.


2 thoughts on “best part of my day. trails.

  1. I LOVE THIS!! I LOVE that you loved it so much that you’d consider an Ultra at some point! Whenever you are ready I am there! And yes Jelly beans, M&Ms and anything you can keep down is totally game for food!!

  2. I think you need to check out my report from the Pine Mountain 40 mile ultramarathon from a couple of weeks ago. It’s still on the home page for my blog. It was exactly what you’re talking about. 40 miles of single track, tons of elevation, lots of rocks, roots, no flat spots, tight turns, rock ledges, everything you would expect out of single track trails. Total insanity. And you should think about coming down to georgia when you do decide to pull the trigger on a trail ultra.

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