all i want for christmas. hint: it isn’t cheese.

Okay, that’s a lie. I always want cheese. I mean, ALWAYS. No question. Cheese is my favorite. Next to babies. And wine. OHHHHH and hot yoga. So, aside from the cheese… and hot yoga… and wine.

All I really want is for my Reproductive Endocrinologist appointment later today to go really, really well. We go in today to talk test results, surgery and hopefully post surgery plan. I have high hopes! Today is one of the good days, I’m hoping the appointment keeps it that way…

Let’s get some babies UP IN HUUUURRRRRR!

PS – you guys, one of my good friends discovered this buffalo blue cheese dip at our ‘gucci’ grocery store. she brought me some last night at yoga. i died. flat out dead. and that is what i had for dinner last night. an entire container of cheese. WHAT? i’m not growing a human yet, I DO WHAT I WANT.


4 thoughts on “all i want for christmas. hint: it isn’t cheese.

    • thank you! i was prepared at my initial visit to feel like cattle, without a doubt. but i was shockingly surprised that our RE wasn’t like that at all. it made me feel 100 times better. we are super fortunate, i know this, to have found such a caring RE/clinic.

  1. Hope your appointment went well. I sure love the clinic here. And do tell where the dip came from (since I’m in the area, I’d love to know). 🙂

    • i definitely feel blessed with dr. g. i’ve heard so many horror stories, and so far we’ve had nothing but good experiences!

      dillons marketplace! i go to the one on central and rock, but i’m sure they have it at the other marketplace’s in town. found in one of the deli cases between the organic section and produce section. you must try it, so good: buffalo blue dip’.

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