run notes / i ran a marathon, kinda on a whim

That’s right. I decided about one month ago to run a full marathon. I trained for exactly three weeks for said marathon. And you know what? It was a really great race. My favorite to date. So many things can go wrong in a marathon… but this one? This one was perfect.

It wasn’t a PR and I couldn’t care less. Finish time of 4:30:41. I’ll take it! All I wanted was to give it a shot. See if I could do it. And do it alone. No pressure, no stress and with no one knowing except the Edder and I (until two days beforehand when i spilled to family and my closest friends).

I went into the race treating it as a training run for my January ‘M’ (my one-chick marathon). I ran the Williams Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa. It was a HILLY motha’ too. But after all the races I’ve done in KC I’ve lost my fear of hills…. and wind… and long distances. The weather was perfection, and after a full weekend of quiet rest with the Edder I was ready to go Sunday morning. Nothing but smiles and excitement.

It couldn’t have gone more perfectly. I had zero issues (which is a first in a full marathon), I only had one mile (mile 23) where I was questioning my decision. Thankfully I had enough support via text to slug through. Then I flew through mile  25 (at an 8:15 mile per minute pace… what the….it was downhill mind you) with a huge smile on my face. All while listening to a favorite song that the Edder and I have sort of claimed as our own during our infertility journey.

Perfection. Plain and simple. I’ve never raved about a marathon. EVER. But this one? Pure perfection for me. So happy I finally had a fantastic marathon experience. Especially after exactly two long training runs (one 16 miler and one 18 miler).

Race highlights you ask? I have a few:
– The weather, I will never again run a marathon in the late spring. Eff that noise, it’s not for me. Cold weather races are where I thrive, without a doubt.

– Mile 8 where I met the Edder who had an Aleve waiting for me and a mocha in hand. Nothing says racing awesome like taking some swigs of mocha at mile 8!

– Mile 18 when I got a video from my niece telling me to “GOOOOO” and “YAAAYYYY AUNT BEKA!” This is the point where the hills started causing my hip to ache a bit, seeing that video made the pain go away.

– Mile 22.5 where Edder met me with body glide, ‘marathon kisses’ and a smile. Dude is seriously a spectating expert. He met me at four different spots on the course. Many gold stars and delicious craft brews are coming his way.

-While I ran the race alone, with just Edder there to spectate, I was not alone. I had dozens and dozens (that is not an exaggeration) of text messages flowing my way during the entire race from friends and family. Each and every one made me smile and want to keep going strong.

I finished that race with a smile on my face. I can’t express how awesome that experience was. All I can say is that I am a blessed girl. So blessed. So happy. So full. And it wasn’t because I ran a marathon. It’s because I felt so humbled that so many people were texting and sending their love my way just because I decided to randomly run 26.2. Something that is superficial and selfish and self-centered, because lets all admit it here, running CAN be a selfish pursuit at times… and I had nothing but support and love. It was pretty amazing.

Now it’s time to give back to everyone who supported me. That’s my favorite part. Finding ways to support my friends and family in return.

This experience definitely gave me the fire and drive to run another marathon. I still plan to do the ‘one chick marathon’ in January. Even still, I’m happy to keep my marathoning as an ‘every now and again’ kind of thing, as something special.

Now onto my next pursuit… cooking up some food and thinking of ways to bless my family and friends this week. Talk about being grateful at Thanksgiving…. THIS GIRL.


10 thoughts on “run notes / i ran a marathon, kinda on a whim

    • it was so much more than i expected. just wonderful. i am walking slow today but i think i’ll heal up quickly. that was a hilly beast of a marathon! but i’m feeling really great today. a little tired, a little slow moving… but great!

  1. Well done! It’s not just anyone who whimsically decides to tackle a marathon — nice to see you conquered it and with a smile. I also ran the race on Sunday and really enjoyed it, headwinds and all. I too thrive in cold marathons. If only the weather were reliable, right?

    Congrats again 🙂

    • ha, thanks! it was pretty much the perfect race for me. i took it easy intentionally which helped. the headwinds, no, not great. at least i’m a kansas girl so wasn’t surprised by them. plus i’ve done the OKC marathon twice and the winds there were unbelievable! congrats on your race too!

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