110512 / run notes.

Hmmmm, I had wanted to post about the Triathlon I did on Sunday with my sister and friend Megger. Yeah, that didn’t happen. This week is eating up my time like non other!

I’m in a rush even now. But wanted to post something for my own sake. So here it is broken down in bullet points:

  • Last weeks workouts were STELLAR, this time of year is when I come alive so everything seems more stellar. I. LOVE. COLD. And winter. And fall. Period.
  • Sunday was my fourth triathlon, after zero training for it aside from running I wasn’t shocked it wasn’t my best finish time so far. 54 minutes. But that just gives me something to aim for as I once again embark in the YMCA’s indoor triathlon series cup. Gotta have a goal!
  • I ran 18 miles a week ago Sunday. I’m not sure how, but it was pretty much the best long run I’ve ever done. Ever. The perfect weather didn’t hurt. That was a first! Running long miles sans injury, shockingly, makes all the difference in the world. Also pretty much a first for me.
  • Did a few aerobics workouts but kept it pretty low key. Aside from my sparkly headband, natch.
  • Leaving tomorrow for a lake getaway with the Edders, and on Sunday I will run the Williams Route 66 race in Tulsa. Should be perfect weather and a good time. We also have plans to see friends and just totally relax on the lake for two full days before the race.

That’s it! This girl has a run to do, knit club to attend and the Twilight premiere to see — all tonight. I like to get everything out of the all in one night! And OH DON’T judge on Twilight. I also like music by Justin Bieber. Suck it! I have no shame.


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