annual campy towns.

Every fall we go to Fall River (which is also a lake) for some good old fashioned camping fun with some good friends. And fun it is. There is delicious foodings, fun gamings, warm firings, and the pure joy of sleeping in a tent outdoors. Milo is beside himself with joy whenever we go camping, and our friends son was basically on par in the Milo joy category.

We had another great trip, aside from a little raccoon incident that made lunch the next day sort of… not possible. It was good. But hey, what’s a camping trip with out a little raccoon drama thrown in? Apparently the raccoon(s) was hungry since it ate ALL of our hot dog buns, a bag of chips, some marshmallows (there went my breakfast for the morning) and crackers. He was efficient since Milo barely let out a few whimpers the whole night.

As an aside, Milo takes up a lot of room when sleeping in a tent. We got a cot (yes, i am a campy princess, i like a little comfort) and Milo made himself at home on it. Because he could see out the tent window. The good news is that I never got cold. He is a blast furnace that dog. So then there was that.

For now. Pictures. Better than words! Although all of the Bocce Ball game pictures were…. a bit…. questionable. So those didn’t make the cut. Ladder Ball proved just plain dangerous, so no option for pics there. Plus, you know… we needed one hand for the Oktoberfest and one for the balls…. hush it.

*not a bad view for the weekend*

*best camping buddy ever*

*my sweet little family*

*king milo, incredibly happy, ridiculously cute. i mean… look at the furry booty and the ears!*

*milo got covered in huge burr’s, he can’t bear to look while the edder performs burr removal*

*this kid, he melts my heart. and he knows it. love this sweet baby boy*

*another successful camping trip!*


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