102212 / run notes. one chick marathon.

Here’s the thing. I want to do another marathon before I am cut open by my Reproductive Endocrinologist and start putting my body through some serious stuff. But, I don’t want the hype, the stress, the blahblahblahblahblah that goes along with running a marathon. There are no marathons in my town between now and February and I don’t want to travel for a marathon. Simply because I want to save my travel money for something else.

Plus, historically, traveling for a marathon has ended up stressful and not so fun for me. I just don’t want to deal with that right now. Mostly, I wanted to do this on my own. Without anyone else to worry about or train with or travel with. That was the main thing, I just wanted to do a marathon alone. In Wichita. Period. And I decided this before I had time to train for the Prairie Fire full.

One day I was explaining all of this to the Edder. How I want one more shot at a marathon (my marathon history is less than stellar, i’ll leave it at that) but I have all these stipulations to go along with it (i.e. no hype, travel, fanfare, people to deal with, etc). He shot back almost instantly with this: just run your own! He offered to be my ‘race director’ and told me to just do it. No hype. No stress. Just easy.

So that’s that. I am going to run what we have deemed the One Chick Marathon. I will be doing the Prairie Fire 1/2 marathon race course twice. Since it runs right past our house it will be the perfect/easy route. Starting, finishing and middle mile-ing near home! On my own turf. Perfect.

First annual One-Chick Marathon.

Complete with full support from running buddies, pacers, water stop volunteers and a personal bike escort. It grew in volunteers as I told a few friends and my family. The date will be January 5 (or 12), it’s still a bit iffy due to surgery/snow ski trip/family going to hawaii. We need to fit all this in before surgery, so it could be tricky. Either way, no matter what the date, it’ll be fine. The bonus is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE cold weather and running in cold weather makes me very happy. Perfection.

Let the training begin. Thankfully I have a running buddy willing to slug out the long runs with me even though she won’t be running the full 26.2. Now that’s a friend!

102212 Workouts:
Monday – Muscle Pump
Tuesday – 4 Miles
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – 8 Miles Tempo w/ middle 6 @ 7:47
Friday – 4 Miles / Tabata Class
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 16 Miles


3 thoughts on “102212 / run notes. one chick marathon.

  1. Awesome!!! It should all just be about running it for yourself anyway! If I’m not out of town running a low key $5 donation marathon in Arkansas..I will try to make it as well.

    • SWEET! we will tentatively count you in. that would be so fantastic to have you here too. oh how happy i would be!! i smell the need for a post-party brewing…. i mean, we do have that kegerator and all.

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