101512 / run notes

Well… I ran the Prairie Fire Half, and while it didn’t turn out a PR for me, the finish time I managed isn’t anything to be ashamed of (for me, anyway). Based on my lack of endurance training runs I knew it would be a battle to push through those last four miles at an 8 minute pace. I was right.

The race morning started out muggy and windy (83% humidity/17-10 mph winds, good stuff), but I was excited. Well rested. Ready to hit the start line with my girlfriends. And run. No matter what happened I was determined to do my best, the best I could do on THAT day. And that I did.

The first 7 miles were fantastic, while not a breeze, they were not a struggle and I maintained a sub-8 – 8:05 pace for those first 6-7 miles. But once we turned into the wind my mental and physical wheels fell off. It happens. Hitting the teen miles and the wind blew my mind. Literally.

The highlight and most memorable part of the race was running up to my 9-months-pregnant running buddy Shellers who was spectating/athletic supporting. She was waiting at mile nine, smiling, fresh gatorade in hand for me. And I stopped. Stooped over and told her I was done.

I wanted to call the Edder and just be done. If you know nothing about me, know this. In racing, while racing, in the middle miles I let my brain beat me up. I have yet to master the middle miles demon that plagues me. But hey, there’s always something to work toward. I’m not perfect. And I am positive that’s what held me back that day. Moving on.

Being the buddy Shellers is, she pepped me up, said “35 more minutes, you can do it, just GO RUN.” I asked her to come and run with me, PLEASE, I begged. She pointed out that her baby would fall out if she did. Valid point. Then another “GO RUN” and I was off.

Off I went, slugging through the last four miles like a sad little beast, being passed over and over again… and by a dude pushing a double stroller. Ouch. The next best highlight for me was seeing my sissy cheering for me at the finish chute. She had run the 5k earlier and waited around to see me finish. I had no idea she would be there, and it was exactly what I needed to get me across that finish line. She’s the best.

In the end I finished in 1:49:48. Not a PR, but it was my second best half marathon time.

I’ll take it. With a smile and a coke.

Next up the Route 66 Half Marathon in Tulsa. Maybe I can PR then. Guess we’ll see!

Other than my half and some aerobics at the gym I didn’t do too many noteworthy workouts last week. Mostly I stuffed my face with Starbucks, cheese and carbs. And let me tell you… it was delicious.

*ready to run/spectate — my running buds*

*ready to race*

*mile nine – wanting to quit, but not really, but really…but not. at least i look happy, so fake*

*my favorite pic of the race, i absolutely look like richard simmons. AWESOME*

*coming into the finish*

*post race smiles*

*post race smiles with a photobomb by my sissy*


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