10112 / run notes

Hmmm, it’s been awhile since I have written about my workouts. I have kept up with aerobics and last week marked week six of my experiment with trying weights classes. I am happy to report the six week aerobics experiment has paid off. It worked, and is working. I didn’t change my diet much at all, please note I don’t diet, I just try and eat based on nutrition.

In the six weeks of my aerobics experiment I managed at least two classes a week (a tabata style class and a straight up weights class). I wanted to bump up to three weights classes a week but that just didn’t work out for my schedule. So far I have lost seven pounds and my clothes are fitting better than they have in over a year.

The other reason I started weights was to see how it affected my running. I can honestly say I feel like my legs are stronger than they have ever been. I can power up hills and through 10-12 miles like never before. I wouldn’t say I am speeding up at all, I just feel stronger and more powerful during my runs.

All of that said, I have my big half marathon goal race this coming Sunday. OH BOY. I’ve been a champ in regard to sticking to my speedwork and weekday runs. My weekend running was a different story and I am honestly worried about my endurance for this race. I’ve managed a few 10 milers, many 8 milers and only one 12 miler.

My plan is to go out and race and see what happens. I will give that 1:45 goal my best shot, if it happens AWESOME, if not it’s all good. I have another half marathon in November. The thing is that I am so much more relaxed and low key about my running now. The race honestly snuck up on me because where running/racing used to be so primary it’s now just kind of a….’meh’… to me. I love it, don’t get me wrong. Racing gets my blood going like nothing else. I. LOVE. RACING. I’m just not as tense or stressed or worried about it as I have been in the past.

Whatever happens, happens. I am starting the race with my girlfriends, running past my house at mile four where I will have a slew of people cheering for me, running past several neighbors/friends houses where I’ll have more cheering squads, and a I have cute new running outfit to boot. It’s all good.

I’ll let you know how it goes, and then fill you in on what’s next. It’s a biggie!

Blather complete. Last week’s workouts:
Sunday – 12 Miles
Monday – Muscle Pump (ouch)
Tuesday – gave myself a break
Wednesday – 4 Miles/Yoga
Thursday – 7.5 Mile Tempo with 6 @ 7:40
Friday – Tabata Style Class
Saturday – nothin’
Sunday – 5 Miles (still sore from tabata, oy)


5 thoughts on “10112 / run notes

  1. Strength training makes a huge huge difference in running, especially when it comes to powering up hills! I’ll be getting back to it after this weekend and boy its going to hurt!!
    You got this HM! And can’t wait to hear about the biggie!!! Spill please!!!

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