here. uninspired, but here.

The past few weeks have found me slightly uninspired in regard to writing. As in, anything that comes into my mind to write just doesn’t seem RIGHT. I don’t like the writing thoughts I’ve had, I am not impressed with them. A bit.

However, my inspiration in other areas is flowing like crazy. In both graphic design and projects around the house. Clearly I am not one of THOSE persons. The superhuman type. Who can be all and do all, all the time. My creativity apparently has limitations. So rude of it. Because when I try to be that person, I turn into a raging-fire-breathing-manimal-of-death-and-anger that no one wants to be around zapped of all creative energy. At least I can own up to and proudly wear my limitations……….? Question mark?

I cannot do it all. I do not want to do it all. I would rather keep my peaceful sanity and under-achievements and not write a bunch of drivel I would later regret than to write simply because I have a blog sitting here. Making myself feel obligated to pay attention to it and then… well read above, you see what happens.

So, I’m rolling with the uninspired writing tide and I’ll just see what comes my way. If I feel like writing about something? Write I shall. In the meantime I have some pictures I want to post.

So then there is that…. at least.


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