82012 / run notes.

Can we just pretend last week (in regard to workouts) didn’t happen? What’s that? Oh. This is my blahhg? Then I CAN DO WHAT I WANT?  Perfect! We aren’t going to talk about last weeks workouts. Just ignore the list below.

Hanging my head in shame at myself. No long run again.  In my defense our weekend travel plans got switched up, which in turn changed my long run plans. We left a day early thanks to the fact that the Edder had some work meetings get cancelled. It left me scrambling. Big time. But still. I am officially now a failure at life.

(this week is looking better already, sheesh robinson).

Week of 8/20/12 Training (it’s ugly):
Monday – 4 (rough and ugly) miles
Tuesday – 1.5 miles (attempted) speedwork turned having a beer with friends
Wednesday – 3 (rough and ugly again) miles / Title Boxing Hour of Power (kicked. my. butt.)
Thursday – Sad face sticker (no workout)
Friday – Sad face sticker (no workout)
Saturday – Hilly 6 mile run
Sunday – Sad face sticker (no workout)


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