weekend to remember, 2012.

The title makes it sound like I went to prom over the weekend. You know, I never went to a prom. Homeschoolers don’t typically have them. Plus, I grew up Baptist, and Baptists don’t dance (and no, i’m no longer baptist, whew). Someday I will get a prom dress, put cheesy decorations in my living room, hang a disco ball from my ceiling, put a bow tie on Milo and have myself a prom. Dammit.

Moving on. This past weekend marked The Edder’s birthday and a yearly “Sig Ep Brother” reunion. Typically the reunion (consisting of edder, three of his fraternity brothers and all their wives/families) involves an afternoon or evening with kids, some burgers and a beer or two when everyone is in Wichita at the same time. Then off to normal life. This year however the reunion turned into a weekend at Grand Lake in Oklahoma (sans kids).

Four days of 30-somethings getting the chance to shed all responsibility and hints of real life for child-like antics on the lake in the form of skiing, boating and watercraft use galore. Please note there was an HD helmet cam we were all required to wear at some point to document said activities. And no, you will never see said helmet cam footage! Not to mention off-lake antics involving drinking card games, laughs that induced ab pain for days, food, a pretty killer birthday party for the Edder and an outrageously good time. Also all documented with a helmet cam.

Did I mention that we were also, by far, the nerdiest group on the lake last weekend? Us = helmet cams, cold water, aleve, lots of sunscreen, 90’s music while discussing stocks. Everyone else = cold beers, tans, and rap music while dancing.

To protect all parties I will simply say it was indeed a weekend to remember. We are hoping the next weekend reunion will involve a 5-star hotel on beach front property (and by we, i mean me). While protecting the innocent I can still post a few pictures from the weekend. Cheers to our whirlwind weekend celebrating 15-years of friendship and the Edder turning old.


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