best part of my day. balance.

One thing I have striven to have in my life over the past year and a half is balance. It was something my life was seriously lacking in the past. It made me miserable. Now that I have balance back, I am noticeably happier, less sleepy and overall in better spirits. That doesn’t mean I always keep balance. No, no… sometimes I am leaning so far forward that I fall flat on my face. Usually it hurts. And I cry.

Part of balance is knowing when to say when. When my day was rough at work, when my legs are screaming at me not to. When I am stressed in my personal life and when I feel like punching pretty much everyone who comes near me right in the face… well… that’s when I shake myself and remind myself of this. I NEED BALANCE. When I’m feeling ‘off’ it’s usually attributed to lack of balance. Or lack of sleep. Or my ovaries.

All of this to say, Tuesday night my running buddies and I showed up to track night. We were all tipping the balance scale on the side of: OH THE HUMANITY! MY DAY SUCKED AND MY LEGS HURT SO BADLY THAT ALL I WANT IS TO HAVE A BEER!

We did our track warmup of one mile easy around the track, and about 600 meters of drills. Then skulked away in a somewhat sneaky manner like the middle-school-jipping girls we felt like and went and got a beer. You know what? That did more good for my foul mood than a hard workout at the track could have ever done.

One and a half miles and a beer (and some fried jalapeno caps). BOOM! Hello balance.


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