81312 / run notes

Once again I started strong in my running week then fizzled out and took a break from a long run over the weekend. My legs were lead and they hurt (wah wah, i know). But I was also getting a ton of projects done around my house (painting rooms, painting front doors, cleaning up the burnt up drought riddled yard) so I just kept with that and admitted defeat.

The good news is that in my speedwork I found my “OH CRAP” pace. Finally. Apparently I haven’t been doing speedwork correctly since I have ZERO dread going into it. I have never dreaded speedwork days, in fact they are my favorite. I learned that this was because I wasn’t doing it right. Thank you for that kind advice, speedy runner guy… pffffttttt. Apparently I did it right last week. I found my “OH CRAP” mile repeat pace and then bombed the next few days and didn’t do a long run. CLEARLY I AM A FAILURE AT LIFE! Or, you know, I’m not really that concerned about it. Hint: it’s the latter.

The speedwork kicked my ass, boosted my confidence, made me incredibly sore and taught me a lesson. All in all, good running week. Now, about getting that endurance back. It’s coming… slowly but surely. A few days away this coming weekend is forcing me to do my long run Friday.

Please Robinson, for the love of all things running. DO YOUR LONG RUN! Sheesh.

Week of 8/13/12 Training:
Monday – 8 Miles Easy (9mm pace)
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 4 Miles Easy (9 mm pace)
Thursday – Speedwork, 6 miles w/ 3×1 mile repeats (wu/cd one mile each @ 9 mm pace; mile 1 repeat @ 6:58 — took deep breath, held on for dear life, made it; mile 2 repeat @ 7:03 — wheels starting to fall off; mile 3 @ 7:15 — wheels gone, this sucks, just hold on and don’t crap yourself)
Friday – Yoga
Saturday – Rest, sweet rest
Sunday – 3 miles (supposed to be 10) ending with me crying in frustration at both my dog and my running on my front lawn. yes. i am that dramatic.


2 thoughts on “81312 / run notes

  1. nice. You know you’re doing something right when you end up crying in the front yard. Great week! I crushed my speedwork this week too and haven’t been able to run or bike hard since monday.

    • i like the way you think. i’ll take it. because i didn’t feel that way on sunday morning. i was actually thinking, ‘maybe i’m too old for this trying to be fast stuff’.

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