number one goal. TBR.

As we enter this phase in our life where we start thinking about surgeries, fertility, how life will change… well, we find ourselves gettin’ shiz done left and right. Marking goals and to-do’s off our long lists is a biggie in our world. I realize we won’t get it all done before we have a family, but we can sure work toward checking the goals off!

I realize things won’t work out perfectly according to our plan (um, that’s what i’ve been living for the last…. you know…six years). What I do know is that a few of our major “MUST DO’s” before BR are either done or close to being done. This is something I’m quite grateful for. We have been blessed with TIME in regard to having a baby. This is one of the upsides I choose to enjoy regarding our conception issues.

One of our big goals include being (unsecured) debt free. And yes, it is embarrassing to admit we have unsecured debt. But we have it. After almost two years of hard work, commitment and saying ‘no’ to a lot of things we should be unsecured-debt free at the end of this year! We still have student loans and a mortgage, so we will still have secured debt, at this point we are okay with that.

The expenses we accrued in law/grad school weren’t pretty. Throw in an emergency five figure surgery for me during grad school sans insurance, the mistake of buying a house six-months after graduation (derrrrp) and buying new (to us) cars in there…. well, it’s life. It added up. To an ugly five figure sum for us.

The point is. Due to stupid mistakes, honest mistakes and just trying to survive law/grad school, we racked up debt. It is so satisfying now to sit back and say ‘WHOA’ we just paid off $60K in debt in a year in a half. HIGH FIVE! The sacrifices were worth it! So many lessons learned over the past year and a half, financial discipline being one of many. I’ll touch on others as I continue writing about TBR.

Here is my disclaimer in talking about this and attempting not to sound like an asshat regarding the amount of money we have paid off in debt. HUGE ALERT: I am far from perfect, I make many, many mistakes (shocker i know) and I have made many financially stupid decisions.

I know this is some sort of blog/social media faux pas, admitting my imperfections and shortcomings… but I’m a rule breaker, people! I’m just trying to share my journey in having a baby, and this is part of it. Plain and simple. I will always try to tell it tactfully, gracefully, but also factually. Maybe I could write a haiku about it? A poem? That rhymes?

I’m simply trying to say that it is satisfying to have learned my lessons and to have this portion of debt paid off. FINALLY! Just join me in this victory! I am proud of the hard work we have done to get out of debt while still building a 401(k) and savings account. Dave Ramsey, he gets the credit! It took us awhile to catch on, but once we did, WE DID! We are painfully slow learners.

Moving on.

What this huge goal means for us is that adding to our family will hopefully prove one less level of stressful in the future, especially considering my career plans, or lack thereof. And allow us the ability to check a few other items off our ‘to-do’ list. Like huge projects on our house and a 10-year anniversary trip next Spring! Which would cover my second (first was the financial business) ‘must-do’ before BR arrives. Keeping fingers crossed!


2 thoughts on “number one goal. TBR.

  1. I always love to hear people’s success stories at cleaning up debts 🙂 its hard, but so worth it! Congrats!!

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