8612 / run notes

Even though I’ve vowed this isn’t a running blahhhhhhg (and it isn’t) as I enter my (hopefully) last season of running not being pregnant and not being a mommy, well… I want to document my workouts for my future self. Something to look back on, and get back to, once I’m chasing an energetic fluffy headed mini-me around and am all worn out. MOTIVATION for my future self.

Therefore, I plan to keep track of my weekly workouts/runnings. Enter “run notes”. Let’s continue on, shall we?

I started the week out strong(ish) despite skipping a weekend long run yet again. But it just got worse from there. I have a great excuse, a good friend and old running buddy was in town and then I got sick during the week. So, while you would think my buddy and I would have made time for a nice long run together… well… priorities people. Let’s just say that wasn’t on the agenda. There was too much fun to be had, and not in the form of running. We did manage hot yoga though!

Lea Pea (my out of town visitor!) and I post yoga getting the best local coffee! YUM.

I started the week off feeling ick. It has been a theme for the past eight days. First girl problems (cannot wait for my surgery in january) and then attack of the killer late summer allergies. BOOM, I went down like a race horse with a broken leg. To sum, I got in a few good runs, the rest of the week was just plain fugly.

Monday – Knocked down with girl-type pain
Tuesday – 3 Miles Easy; Track Night Speedwork: WU/2×200 (5:45mm)/2.5 Miles Threshold (1 lap easy 9mm; 1 lap TH 7mm)
Wednesday – Yoga
Thursday – Sick
Friday – Sick
Saturday – Sick but tired of feeling sick, legs going nuts, 4 mile run (8:45mm)
Sunday – FINE, I GIVE! Slept and rested all day

So. A less than stellar week, they happen. Picking myself up and heading out for an 8 mile run soon. Zyrtec and a Sunday full of sleep to the rescue!


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