starting fresh.

I have been a blogger for a while, I have had a running blog for about four years. I decided it’s time to move on from being “just” a running blogger. I’m just over it honestly, the running blog scene. For a plethora of reasons I won’t get into. Unless you ask, then I’ll spill.

Here’s the thing. I wanted a new blaahhhhrrrrg. Plain and simple. Because I used to define myself nearly exclusively with running.Yes, I know how pathetic that is. I get it. But it’s true. Humiliating, but true. Side note: this may be a theme around here. Humiliating honesty. Moving on.

I am starting fresh with a new blahhhhhhhhg. Because I miss writing. But what I don’t miss is my running blog (especially considering some very un-creative writers out there high-jacked my blog name. LAME). Makes perfect sense. Right?

So onto the fresh start. Where I will write about my life that isn’t defined by running. Although I’m still a runner, will still write about running, it’s just far less my focus. I’m actually excited to write about my life, my family, what I love and what I’m passionate about. Music, art (i’m currently in the process of building a graphic art portfolio i hope to share here someday), yoga, running, coffee, wine, travel, my LIFE, my family, my dog, my friends, my adventures and my journey to have a baby. Yes. You read that last one right.

Don’t worry, I would roll my eyes too, it’s okay. But that’s that.

I will write about it ALL. All about Being Robinson.


8 thoughts on “starting fresh.

    • awesome! and thank you. this can be a very frustrating journey, and while i checked out some message boards, etc it just wasn’t my thing. it’s good to know other blogers struggle with the baby journey too.

  1. yay i’m glad you’re not totally going away. feel ya on the just-running scheme. i’m clearly struggling with actually talking about running on my blog… oh well. people can get over it as i talk about random other junk 🙂

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